Why not buy nothing?

Stop clutter at the store. Buy nothing. Joyful SpacesThe day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, is gaining traction as “BUY NOTHING DAY.”

Why open your already pinched purse to cough up for More Stuff that No One Needs? Why not buy nothing this holiday season?

Think about it: if you’re like 99.72% of my clients you’re already suffocating under the burden of your Stuff. You even pay good money to people like me to help you de-clutter and pare down to what’s really important.

You may have called a moratorium on purchases for yourself, and hope that well-meaning friends forget to buy you yet another tschotchke – but then you go out and buy buy buy – inflicting the Pain of Stuff on someone else.

STOP. Think of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

A recent study on happiness discovered that Stuff doesn’t bring lasting happiness (even shiny red convertibles). Experiences are more important. So consider giving a gift of an experience.

Here are some modest experiential ideas:

  • Tickets to a concert, show, ballgame, circus
  • Special dinner, cooked and delivered by you (or a restaurant gift certificate)
  • Childcare to give young parents a night out or a weekend away
  • Helping hand: house cleaning, painting, weeding, handyman assistance
  • Gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, some kind of lesson
  • Gift certificate towards a Joyful Spaces consultation (call me at 360-314-2467!)
  • Your idea here _____________
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2 Responses to Why not buy nothing?

  1. Thank you Joy! We have been trying to convince family and friends not to add to our toy pile. My boys choose one toy each for their wish list. They are SO excited to open that gift that any additional items sit on the sidelines. We love receiving museum memberships, swim lessons or activities.

    My favorite gift to give at the kiddos birthdays that they are invited to is a book of insects and in a glass jar, net, or magnifying glass I attach an invitation to go on a nature walk with our family.
    Can’t go wrong with the gift of time and experiences. Thank you for reminding us!

  2. Joiede says:

    Great ideas Jun-Nicole! Thanks. I can’t tell you how many clients I see whose kids are drowning in a sea of toys – so many they don’t know where to begin. No wonder they’re ADD.