The “paint doctor” is in.

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Portland OR, Vancouver WA, paint doctor,Great article about pricey Manhattan color consultant Eve Ashcraft in the NY Times. Some highlights:

It begins simply enough. The living room needs a new coat of paint, perhaps a fresh start for both of you. But what about something different this time? No more off-white. Maybe a color that is bold and creative, but also educated, witty and ironic…A trip to the paint store seems as if it might help narrow the choices, too, until you stand before the wall of infinite paint shades. The feeling sinks in: the horror of the fan deck…

Ms. Ashcraft owes her business in part to the foibles of the human brain. Social scientists like to point out that human beings thrive on choice, but only up to a point. Presented with too much choice, people freeze like rabbits.

This tendency was illustrated by the famous jam study in 1995 conducted by Sheena Iyengar, now a social psychologist and business professor at Columbia, when she was doctoral student at Stanford. In the study, Dr. Iyengar’s graduate students set out tables of jam samples in a supermarket, with 6 flavors offered on one, and 24 on another. Guess which table sold more jam?

Yet paint makers keep offering us more jam.

My three favorite fan decks have 2,000 colors each – and honestly, I don’t see many duplicated colors across the brands. More interestingly, there are times when the exact shade I’m seeking is not on any of them! But that is my problem, not yours. I always manage to find the perfect palette in there.

Paint in fresh colors makes a TREMENDOUS difference in the look and feel of your living or work space, as happy clients attest…

Kitchen alcove - before Joy Overstreet color consultant Vancouver WA Portland ORJeannie Barnes originally called me on the recommendation of her painter because she had only lived with white or beige walls and was scared to make a mistake in her new home. She says, “The colors you helped me choose were so unexpected (a chocolate kitchen alcove! an orange dining room! a gray living room! who knew?) and yet they pull the whole place together. The house feels both peaceful and bright at the same time. The former owner came by and was wowed by what I had done.”

Kitchen alcove after. Joy Overstreet Color consultant Vancouver WA Portland OR

If you’re in this pickle, you can call Eve Ashcraft, who charges $275/hr (with a 10-hour minimum = $2,750), or you can call me.  Including a palette of fresh colors you’re guaranteed to love, the investment in your joyful space is only $250 for a two-hour consult. Such a deal.

(360) 314-2467 in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

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