Who wants to de-clutter? Not me!

Joy Overstreet, feng shui, Vancouver WA clutterIf I enjoyed de-cluttering, there would not be one item out of place in my home. No paper piles, no laundry waiting to be put away, no half-read books on the table, no tsotchke collection gathering dust.

So… to work up my energy for yet another round of de-cluttering, I remind myself, it’s not about the clutter, it’s about how I’ll feel when it’s done. It’s about serenity. It’s about being able to focus on what’s important rather than the accusatory guilt-inducing heaps. It’s about feeling in control of my life.

Of course, clutter will return in no time, so this is an on-going process. Piles, de-clutter, serenity & focus. Piles, de-clutter, serenity & focus. Ad infinitum.

If you need a kick in the butt or a loving shove to help you break through the resistance, inertia and overwhelm, email or call me at (360) 314-2467.

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