When good color goes bad…

You know I love color. And I’m not afraid of wild and crazy color combinations.


There is a place for wild and crazy combinations and there is a place for restraint. A high-pressure office where many creative and high tech types must produce a daily stream of print and online information is a place for restraint.

My spy in Southern California sent me these pictures of the new office space into which the above company is moving next week. The employees are horrified.

Here’s the employee hangout space:

And here’s how you enter the space from the elevators (my spy called this “womb chic”):




What kind of first impression does this give the visitor to this space? Bring on the Pepto-Bismol!

Finally, in these corner outer offices you can choose a space with red wall and magenta carpet, or (woo-hoo!) magenta wall and red carpet. How to decide???



Quite apart from the total impracticality of bright solid color carpets and couches, what do you think? Could you work here?


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