Want to change your behavior? Top ten tips…

The folks at the Persuasive Technology Labs at Stanford University have put together a great slide show to help you do better at quitting a bad habit or creating a good one. Since many of us consider the new year a time for new and better beginnings, their Top Ten Mistakes in Behavior Change – their corresponding tips are well worth heeding.

(The tips remind me a lot of the Heath Brothers’ great book, SWITCH: How to change things when change is hard – which isn’t surprising since I think one of them teaches at Stanford.)

The slides that relate to Joyful Spaces are #3, 5, and 6… They refer to the power of your surroundings to affect your behavior.  Example: If you’re trying to lose weight, for example, it’s a bad idea to enter the house via the kitchen door where the refrigerator is just a step away.  Example: If you’re trying to live a tidier life, making a little pile of stuff “to deal with later” is a huge mistake, because little piles are magnetic triggers for more stuff, and more stuff.

If your life is not as joyful or organized as you’d like, perhaps a Joyful Spaces tweak is what the doctor ordered.  Give me a call if you’re in the Portland/Vancouver metro area!  360-903-3659. I’d love to help you brighten your new year.

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