Joy helped us transform an empty warehouse into a cheerful yet soothing space for the new offices and call center of 211Info. Colorful paint was within our limited budget but choosing colors baffled us. The colors she chose really lift our spirits. (Complete story and photos here...)
Liesl Wendt, Executive Director, 211Info, Portland OR

“Choosing to work with Joy was a great business decision. She steered me away from leasing a property that could have been a diasaster, and helped me create a warm, welcoming, positive and productive environment at my new office. Joy truly does create “joyful spaces,” and I have recommended her to others often.”
Veronika Noize, Marketing Coach, Vancouver WA

“I have worked with Joy on several Feng Shui consultations. She is that wonderful combination of observant, caring and completely frank. Her sense of color and balance, her innovative ideas, and her ability to see the larger picture are invaluable. And best of all, she doesn’t charge you exorbitant prices, yet the results are as powerful as any Feng Shui master. My advice, hire her! You won’t be disappointed.”
Holly Tashian, Nashville, TN

“Oh my god it looks great- the cayenne on the LR wall, the hallway which has turned from a dark grey tunnel to a shaft of sunlight, the periwinkle in the kitchen. The cinnamony bathroom connects perfectly with the dusty plum bedroom and the green, green tile. It’s amazing to stand where you can see the cayenne, periwinkle, straw yellow, and dusty plum in one eyeful. It’s such a quirky little house, this paint job really suits it. The painters are in heaven–the head guy said, ‘This is the coolest place I ever painted. I need to get a picture of me here!’ ”  [See the full story with photos]
Cassandra Sagan, Portland, OR

“I asked Joy for help in choosing between two offices for my mediation services, and, once decided, in making it a safe welcoming place for my clients who are under a lot of stress. Joy made sure she had a clear sense of my goals, and who I am as a client. She encouraged me to go beyond safe and welcoming — to move my clients to embrace hope and new possibilities. (It’s something I do in my practice, though my previous office didn’t project that). Her suggestions — using symbolic art, color and furniture placement — were clear, simple and affordable. I thank Joy, and whether they know it or not, my clients do too.”
Dana Greyson, Positive Change Mediation, Vancouver WA

“When I needed to move out of the family home of 50 years Joy helped me sort through decades of accumulated treasures relatively painlessly. She also helped stage the house for a quick sale – and it sold right away.”
Jeanne Kimball, Westport, CT

“I have a 1920’s craftsman-style home which had great lines, but I was stumped about color. Joy helped me choose colors that defined the different spaces and set appropriate moods for each room. I was surprised by some of her suggestions but they worked fantastically well. Every time I open the front door now, I smile.”
Donna Harper, Portland, OR

“My husband has Parkinsons but is still very much engaged in the social life of our family. Joy helped us rearrange our living room so he could be comfortable while making the room warmer and cozier for the rest of us. Her color suggestions for the rooms on the main floor have transformed the spaces from beige to beautiful.”
Lynn Newburg, professor, Nashville, TN

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