Setting an intention for your home: sankulpa

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The New Yorker takes today’s topic over the top, but let’s explore it anyway.

When you’re having a friend over for dinner, you clean off the table, put out fresh table settings (perhaps special “company” napkins or plates?), arrange a small bouquet for the center of the table and light some candles.

By these simple acts you have said to your friend, “I welcome you. I value you.” By these simple acts you have set an intention – that the upcoming dinner will make you both feel loved.

Taking such care to set the scene brings consciousness to an activity you may ordinarily do with little thought. Your intention or “sankulpa” (intention in Sanskrit) makes your creation special.

What would your home feel like if you treated yourself like a valued guest – with the conscious intention to make each room a welcoming space for whatever will unfold there?

Take your bedroom, for example. Do you not deserve a warm welcome at the end of a long day?  If you enter your house through the garage, does it set an affirming tone for your return home?

You may have to do some significant decluttering so that your intention is able to shine through!

Sankulpa and yoga: At the beginning of my yoga class, the teacher always asks us to set a sankulpa for the class.  Where do I want to focus my loving awareness? On my breath? On my balance? On treating myself kindly regardless of how long I can hold a Warrior 2?

Off the mat, what is my sankulpa for a difficult phone call I need to make? What is my sankulpa for a stressful work day ahead?

Sankulpa and feng shui: One reason feng shui is such a powerful practice is that it brings intentionality into every corner of the home (or workplace or landscape). A space that consciously reflects the intention of its resident(s) is a space that feels authentic and comfortable. Don’t you deserve such a space?

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