How to dispose of what doesn’t “spark joy”

Getting rid of crapPerhaps you’ve taken one of my clutter clearing classes or perhaps you Just Did It — either way, you’ve made a massive attack on your extraneous stuff. Congratulations!!

However, you now have heaps and bags of things that just need to get gone. Some are worth money. Some could be used by others and charitably donated. Some can be recycled. Where to start?

First, forget about a yard sale. It’s a huge amount of work. Unless you have too much time on your hands and lots of eager helpers, it’s not worth it.

Auction it: for relatively valuable furniture, art and collectibles
O’Gallerie Auctions in Portland knows their stuff and they’re reputable. Prepare yourself to be shocked (and not in a good way) by what you can sell these things for today. You won’t get back what it’s worth, but at least you’ll know someone else wanted it and will use it. . The commission % depends on how much they are able to sell it for.

Sell it yourself
It takes some effort and patience, but it’s usually worth it.

  • Locally: Sign up for a free account to manage your listings easily. List in the appropriate For Sale section – with photos and measurements. Also note the FREE category there. It’s amazing what people will take off your hands and haul away.
  • Nationally (or further)

Furniture Consignment stores:
Some may pick up, but be prepared to rent a truck and haul to them.

Clothing resale stores
Some specialize in kids clothes, others in vintage, plus size, etc.

Paper and Photos
Digitize what you want to keep, but in less bulky form:

  • Use Evernote for emptying your brain and putting all the info in reach with a quick search on your cell phone, PC, Mac, the web. Replace all those scribbled notes and lists, business cards, receipts, warranty info, recipes, measurements, paint colors, prescription numbers and dates, books and movies, travel plans, juicy quotes. Download free at You will thank me.
  • Let a professional scanning service scan your photos, negatives, slides, home movies. (watch or call for special deals)
  • Costco Photo does this too, but the service is temporarily suspended until a security breach is fixed. Ouch.
  • Make photo books at , and others.

Just to get rid of it!!
Think beyond Goodwill to places like the Cancer Society, Humane Society, Friends of the Library, Free Geeks, your church rummage sale. Here’s a long list of charitable organizations for still usable items:

Recycling resources
Paper shredding for sensitive documents:

Electronics, automotive, construction, yard, paper, plastics, metals etc

If you missed my clutter clearing class at Clark College, it’s scheduled again for Tuesday, February 2, 2015. Catalog listing is here: “clutter-clearing class”. If you’d rather have me come to your home and get you started or help arrange what’s left more artfully, give me a call at 360-903-3659.

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