Your Home Office: Supporter or Saboteur?

A FREE multi-media exploration of offices that inspire and encourage (versus offices that deflate and discourage). Don’t miss “Your Home Office: Supporter or Saboteur? Six Secrets of a Successful Space,” on Sept 14 at SOHO Marketing Institute in Vancouver. I’ve got lots of slides, client stories, and feng shui tips to share. [Sorry, this has already happened. You missed it again, but let me know if your group would like this presentation…]

Why should you attend? Because your work environment has a profound effect on your self-confidence, productivity, effectiveness and success. In today’s challenging economic environment small business owners need all the help they can get.

Here is a before and after example from one of my clients:

This makeover cost very little: some paint, a new bookcase and file cabinet.

We started by rethinking a couple of rooms. Her “desk” was an old table in a corner of their former dining room. She had no place to store papers and books so they overflowed onto the floor.

Meanwhile the family room was light and airy, but the dining table took up a lot of unnecessary space in there.

So we returned the dining table to its rightful home in the dining room, and turned a cheerful corner of the family room into her office. Needless to say she tossed a lot of paper before the move. (Since this photo she has replaced the desk table with a real desk – small, white, unobtrusive).

The rearrangement works well because no one else is home in the daytime, plus they now have a real dining room that’s great for entertaining in the evening.

Best of all, she has a workspace that feels empowering instead of dispiriting.

If you’d like to create a home office that works, give me a call to set up a personal appointment (360) 314-2467.

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