Quick Chi Pick-me-up: Paint

What to do on a hot summer day? Paint a wall and move furniture. This is the latest iteration of my living room and I really like how it feels. The taupe walls are almost grey, a great color for displaying art. The red rug echos the upholstery of my dining chairs at the other end of the room (not shown). I had the big rug here before, but I like how the small one makes the space feel cozy. Plus the big one is better in the center of the room.

The house is a 1926 Craftsman. The front door (out of sight on the left) is in the center of a large multifunction space: living room on the left, dining room on the right, and an implied hall to the back part of the house.

When I bought the house the walls were a pale yellowish tan, and there were olive green velveteen draperies on the windows. The trim was all white. Here’s how the realtor’s stager had set up this end of the room when I first saw it.

The window at the far end of the room looks into the neighbor’s house, hence it’s kept covered, but the front windows look into the garden.

After I bought the house I painted the two end walls a deep red and the two long walls the taupe (greige?).  A few months ago I decided I was sick of the red in the dining area so I painted it a dark periwinkle blue, which looked fabulous. But then the red wall in the living room glared at me. There was way too much happening in the room:

I moved the buffet, took down the heavy curtains, painted the inner window trim a dark version of the taupe walls so there wasn’t so much whiteness, painted out the red wall with some extra paint I already had from the first go-round, swapped the rugs around, moved the couch and red chair, moved and rehung the art, and voila!

Cost? $00.00 + elbow grease. I love it. Here’s the after photo, once again:


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