Paint your rooms with a color palette from art or nature

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, feng shui, Vancouver WA, Portland OR

Five colors extracted from view out my window

One logical place to start when choosing a color palette for your home is the world of nature. Above are some possible colors that give an autumnal feeling. I’m not suggesting you have to paint your wall orange (well, I might…) but that it would be an important color to use in a pillow or lampshade, or pumpkin decoration.

Here’s a wintry landscape – totally different feel:

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Vancouver WA, feng shui, paint colors

Chilly scene of a river in winter

Think of how gorgeous this picture would look on a taupe wall (rightmost color) over a mantel painted the off-white color next to it. A gray blue blanket over the back of a dark charcoal couch…

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, feng shui, Vancouver WA, Portland OR

Five possible color choices from a Cezanne still life

Or let’s say Cezanne is your favorite artist. You want to pull a palette from this famous still life. So many to choose from! If five colors aren’t enough for you, here are dozens more.

Joy Overstreet, paint palette, color consultant, Vancouver WA, Portland OR

Finally, how about some artistic whimsy with very different palette possibilities? If you’d like to showcase your favorite art or season, give me a call! Have palettes, can pull.
Joy Overstreet color consultant, Vancouver WA Portland OR, paint palette

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