Our possessions = us, possessed

Let it go!It’s time to loosen our grip on the term “MINE!”

We speak so possessively of our homes and our things. “This is my house.” “This is my couch.” “Molly is my dog.”  As if the house, couch or dog were really ours to own.

Even if you built your house stick by stick, it will live long after you’ve moved on. Someone else will call it “my house.”  The couch existed before you bought it and you hope will be useful to a new owner after you’re done with it.

And think about it:  is your dog really yours?

As we try to become less attached to our stuff, it’s helpful to step back from the whole possessive pronoun description of it all.  Many languages describe our relationship to stuff quite differently, phrasing “my house” as “the house of me,” which is more like “the house I’m in relationship with” “or “the house I’m in” than something that I have dominion over and is part of me.

If an antique buffet is “the buffet I’m in relationship with” rather than “the buffet that’s part of me” it becomes a lot easier to view it in perspective – and let it go if the relationship no longer serves.

In almost every consultation I do, the client expresses some form of despair at being trapped (possessed) by some of their possessions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’d like to feel less possessed by your possessions (i.e feel free to let go of some of them), but don’t know where to begin, give me a call at 360-314-2467. I can help.

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