Make a home for you – not for resale

Joy Overstreet Paint color consultant Vancouver WADid a color consultation today with a new client. She recently moved into a home she hopes to sell in five years (for a profit, of course). The place is less than 20 years old and still in good shape, so her plan is to give it a cosmetic facelift – fresh paint, new countertops, etc.

The house was a pinky beige throughout, and her idea was to repaint in a couple of other similarly pale neutrals because they’d show best when she put it on the market (in 2015).

This is a common mistake – thinking first of what a hypothetical buyer way down the road might want instead of what would please you right now, what would make the house right for you.

Do you know what the buyer of 2015 will want? I sure don’t! Maybe grasscloth wallpaper will be all the rage.

Once my client let go of worrying about painting for a stranger in 2015 she was free to choose some really wonderful colors – for herself.

P.S. Allison Arrieff wrote about this very topic a couple of weeks ago in the NY Times.

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