Living large in 258 sq. ft

[For some bizarre reason, the video isn’t showing up onscreen here, but click the link and it will – sorry – some WordPress kink today…]

Christian Schallert- teeny apartment

This deceptively simple apartment looks zenly spare.  But wait till the designer starts opening his cupboards. Like magic, everything a single man might want is within arm’s reach – he even has a dishwasher in the “kitchen”.

He was inspired by the clever ways boat designers have of fitting the necessities of life in teeny tiny spaces. I am inspired that he could see the possibilities in such a ramshackle room it was at first (his mother was horrified…).

He says that the design forces him to stay tidy, because there is no room for chaos, no room for accumulations of stuff.

But if Christian wants me to be his live-in partner, he’ll have to find space for a bathtub.

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