A joyful space: my car, detailed at last!

Physician, heal thyself. Yank the log from your own eye first, etc etc.

Who was I to preach consciousness and order to my feng shui clients, when my own automobile was a monument to unconsciousness?

Although I go thru the carwash from time to time, the interior of my car was a feeelthy embarrassment.

I kept putting off getting it detailed because… I was hauling boxes and plants from here to there and back during a protracted move. Messy grandchildren were visiting. I was going car camping. I was too busy. I was…  excuses excuses.

My car’s never going to look like a tricked out hotrod (it’s a 12-year-old Toyota minivan), but today it looks FABULOUS – inside and out. (It helped that I removed a lot of [dare I confess it?] crap that had been floating around in the back for several months.)

The guys at Finishline on Highway 99 in Vancouver even restored the carpets to like new. Very reasonable too. I highly recommend them.

I feel like respectable woman again.

My feng shui tip of the week: get your car detailed.

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One Response to A joyful space: my car, detailed at last!

  1. Claudia says:

    How did you know my “dirty little secret”….that I have been looking for a car detailer but its been rather a limp search? …. and there you are, telling me how to create a joyful space inside my CAR! Nice work; even nicer website.