Is your home a joyful space?

When you walk in the door, you immediately feel comfortable, safe, happy, inspired…

Each joyful space is as unique as the person who created it, so it’s hard to define – but, like pornography, you know it when you see it.

The writer Ann Patchett (Bel Canto) clearly lives in a space that brings her joy. She describes her Nashville home to the NY Times using these phrases:

My husband drove past a realtor putting out a For Sale sign in front of the house. He pulled his car to the curb and said he wanted to buy it. It’s that kind of house…

I’ve done a lot of travel writing, and people ask me where I would go if I could go anyplace. My answer is always the same: I would go home…I never walk through my own front door without thinking: thank-you-thank-you-thank-you.

The house was built with great attention to the smallest details:

I understand the world is full of spectacular things I’ve yet to see, but I can’t imagine any of them would satisfy me as deeply as this house, the casement window in the shower, the light pouring through the halls, or the ceiling in our bedroom, with its think strips of pale wood that thrill me every morning when I open my eyes.

She does her writing in the room across the hall and says, “Home is the stable window that opens out into the imagination.”

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