How to see home with fresh eyes…

Bedroom before Joy Overstreet Feng shui "vancouver wa" "portland or"A few weeks ago I returned home to New Orleans after more than three months. There are two techniques I know of that allow you to see your house with fresh eyes. One is to have a party, when at the last minute you suddenly become aware of every imperfection, discoloration or aesthetically displeasing thing about your house. The other is to leave home for an extended period.
–      from an essay by Thomas Beller in yesterday’s NY Times.

Our eyes are lazy. They acclimate themselves to the familiar stuff of our lives quite quickly, so that in no time the funkiest corners become invisible. That is, till you come back from a lengthy trip, throw a party, put your house on the market, or hire a feng shui consultant.

Beller continues:
When I walked into our house in late August, the place felt almost unrecognizable, though it was unchanged from when I was last there. Objects that I had held so dear I now saw as just objects. The photographs on the wall, some of them of me and my wife and daughter, seemed like artifacts of another era.

David Berman, the poet, might understand this confusing shift. “Souvenirs only remind you of buying them,” he wrote. It’s an ambiguous line — souvenirs are worthless, or souvenirs are like madeleines, each a portal into the past.

Those “portals into the past” can connect you to positive energy or bring you down. Regardless, becoming more conscious of our surroundings (and their energetic power) is a good thing.

One more tidbit from Beller:
The fact is, I am often transfixed when in the presence of the artifacts of my own existence. Being transfixed is a cousin to being paralyzed.

If you’re feeling too “transfixed in the presence of the artifacts of your existence, perhaps it’s time to call a feng shui consultant. If you’re in the Portland/Vancouver metro area I can help. (360-314-314-2467).

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