The best value home pick-me-up? Designers agree…

color potsRecently The Oregonian asked eight Portland designers how best a homeowner on a limited budget ($200 max) could spruce up their living room. All but one of the designers gave their top priority to fresh paint.

Since paint is so inexpensive (assuming you’re the painter) you should have plenty money left. What else might you try?

Their suggestions included:

  • Add a big potted plant.
  • Recover those tired couch pillows with lively fabric scored at a remnant sale
  • Improve the lighting. An effectively illuminated space can be transformational, but unfortunately good lighting also reveals areas of wear and neglect…
  • Replace or recover an outdated lampshade, perhaps spray-painting the base too.
  • Add bold artwork. For some novel ideas, check these out.
  • Cull, thin, weed, toss. The Oregonian didn’t seek out my opinion, so this is my addition to what their designers suggested.  Getting rid of extraneous unused unloved broken stuff costs $00 and makes everything else you do with your $200 look much much better.

If your mind is boggled by your options give me a call. I’ve got good ideas to spare. What better way to start the New Year? 360-903-3659.

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