Garage: from rat hole to RAD!

In many American homes the garage is the point of entry to the home, the first room that greets you when you return from work or running errands. It sets the mood for your whole relationship with Home.

All too often it isn’t pretty.

But there’s hope!

Before: the garage from hell. Industrial racks overflowed with boxes that had moved several times with this client. The boxes were battered and scribble-labeled so many times that she had no idea what was in them. One wall was covered with brown fake-wood laminate panelling. The furnace made an enormous look-at-me statement with its octopus-like flues. Garden gear sprawled in another section of the garage. The space had never been properly painted. Spider webs hung from the ceiling and walls.

Process: we moved the car out and set up a ping-pong table as a staging area. Shelf by shelf sorted through everything on it. We ordered 24 pristine new ones from an online office supplier in cardboard color – the white was too bright. Each box was freshly labeled with a P-Touch labeler.

Some stuff was donated or recycled, some went straight to the dump. The homeowner was able to use a lot of leftover paint from other projects. To get the warm orange we mixed the yellow of her office with the pumpkin of the guest bath. The periwinkle blue was left over from the kitchen. She camouflaged the panelling and furnace arms with a burgundy color and liked it so well she painted the shelving too.  She also camouflaged the pegboard over the workbench.

Results: She was so thrilled with the orderliness and cheery color of the room that she hung some art that would make her feel truly welcome when she drove in. Whereas she used to feel defeated before she even made it into the house, she now feels her spirits lift.

More photos:

If you’ve got a space you’d like transformed into one that makes you smile, I can helpEmail or give me a call at (360) 314-2467.

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