Place art outside your window to expand a joyful space

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, paint consultant, interior designer, Vancouver WA, Portland OR, feng shuiWhen I moved into my “new” old house 20 months ago, the back yard was a neglected wasteland. The view from my office window was ugly – the “lawn” was a mass of sprouting aspen roots trying to become a forest.

It took a backhoe to dig them out. The view improved with the creation of an easy-care gravel patio and shrub border, plus planting  an arborvitae hedge to hide a dreary fence. Still pretty zen.

Brainstorm: create a trellis that would host a colorful clematis in summer and shimmer with colored glass in the winter.  My friend Jennifer and her husband Dave at Cobalt Designworks (OMG, do they make gorgeous things out of metal!) would make the trellis but I’d have to supply the glass…

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, feng shui, Vancouver WA, Portland OR
Time for an artist’s date at another friend’s fused glass studio. With Jane’s guidance, my quilter friend Judi and I assembled 15 glass squares. (All my artsy friends’ names begin with J…).

We brought the finished squares to Jennifer’s, then she, Judi and I arranged and re-arranged them on the trellis grid till we agreed to leave well enough alone.

Dave came out this morning to install. My cat Bama had to inspect and declares it good. I am thrilled – if it looks this good on a dreary day, think how great it will look when the sun streams through it!

Here’s the full process in pictures: [cincopa AACAzwKhbG5q]


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