Top ten reasons to free yourself from clutter

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Every time I teach my clutter-clearing class at Clark College I hear the same sob stories (aka excuses) about why we keep so much Stuff. Could this be yours?

  1. But I might need it some day
  2. My ___ gave it to me
  3. It reminds me of when I ___
  4. I’m storing it for my kids
  5. It cost $$$ back then and I’d lose money if I sell
  6. It’s part of my ___ collection
  7. I don’t even know where to begin

A wise man I know once said, “You either have the results you wanted, or you have your reasons.” Perhaps you’re now ready to get results like ones shared by my Clutter Class students:

  • I can’t believe how much less stressed I feel
  • With all this open space my favorite things are out where I can appreciate them
  • Cleaning is so much easier
  • I feel like I’ve regained control of my life
  • I no longer feel guilty about all the stuff I never use
  • I have time and energy to focus on what’s actually important to me
  • I can breathe when I drive into our garage and see bare floor
  • A downsized wardrobe makes dressing a cinch
  • My kids are grateful they won’t have to wade through a lifetime of our crap
  • It makes me happy to know my donated stuff will help others
  • I’m saving $100 every month ($1,200/yr) by emptying our storage unit, enough for us to take a nice vacation this year.

The easiest way to regain your sanity is to simplify, simplify, simplify. The good news is I teach a two-session class at Clark College in Vancouver every quarter that will give you the motivation, tools and kick in the butt to get you going. More info here. Next class is Tuesday evenings Feb. 27 – March 6.

From former student Patsy C:

Since taking your class I have gone thru every drawer and closet in our house.  We had a yard sale, I’ve sold things on Craig’s List, and donated many items.  I tossed a lot of my parents’ papers and photos and distributed the rest to family members. My husband got rid of 300 record albums.  We are now ready to put our house up for sale so we can move to a smaller one level. One of the things that you said that has really stuck with me is “how many things of your  Grandmother’s do you need to remember her?”  Turns out, just a few. I am also happy to report that as of last week I have lost 21 pounds!





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