Flying with the FlyLady

flylady declutter Joy Overstreet feng shuiA client asks me out for a feng shui consultation, hoping that after a few simple enhancements in their wealth corner Publishers Clearing House will arrive at the door with a fat check.

I hate to disappoint – but all too often Publishers Clearing House would have trouble getting into the home without tripping on the clutter. Enhancing an area filled with crap is bad jou-jou. The clutter has to go if you want to free the ch’i.

But how to get on top of this essential house-keeping task?

The FlyLady has been helping overwhelmed women get their house-keeping act together for years by sending out organizing, cleaning, and decluttering tips every day. Subscription is free – and I have two formerly overwhelmed close relatives with toddlers who will testify that the FlyLady saved their butts.

My favorite FlyLady concept is Baby Steps. You don’t have to do the whole task in one fell swoop. Just get started – set a time for 15 minutes and begin nibbling away (what I call the Swiss Cheese approach).  For example, to do the 27-thing fling you take a big garbage bag and tear around the house till you’ve put 27 things in it – which then goes into the trash.

Check out her other decluttering tips here. I think my favorite recommendation is that you sing as you toss (in the voice of the stuff) “Please release me, let me go…”

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