Feng shui and earthquake preparedness

Feng shui is all about safety and comfort. Some safety and comfort issues are more psychological than actual – for example placing the head of your bed or your desk chair where you can see the door.

If you can’t see the door, there’s a subtle uneasiness that someone (a monster? a burglar?) might be creeping up behind you. Therefore, if you have to sit face in to a desk in a cubicle, the feng shui advice is to place a small mirror in a position that allows you to see behind you.

For similar reasons (to prevent that feeling of uneasiness) do not store heavy items on high shelves or on the top of cabinets. A free-standing bookshelf that’s stuffed all the way to the top is similarly unsafe.

Someone working in the kitchen above could be in grave danger in an earthquake if those big ceramic crocks should fall. My client, in whose kitchen these pots lived, immediately removed them when I pointed this out to her.

More feng shui tips for earthquake preparedness:

  • Take a look around your house for potential hazards.
  • Remove heavy objects from high shelves
  • Secure free-standing bookshelves and your water heater to the wall
  • Secure big objects like TVs to the wall – even if they’re at waist height a child could get hurt.
  • Make sure you don’t have heavy art or anything in a glass frame over the bed.


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One Response to Feng shui and earthquake preparedness

  1. Believe it or not, I had a bowling pin sitting atop a tall cabinet! I just took it down and put it in a corner on the floor. Now all I have to worry about my young son picking it up and hurling it. Everything’s a missile to a 7 year old boy.