What does color have to do with feng shui?

Q. What does color have to do with feng shui?

A. Everything. The two are inextricably entwined.

The aim of feng shui is to create an environment that is comfortable, attractive, affirmative and well balanced.  Feng shui tools include the bagua map and the Five Elements.

The bagua divides the space into nine sections, each of which represents an aspect of life (relationships, vocation, creativity, partnerships, etc.)  One way to make your environment a living affirmation is to enhance each area to remind you of your intentions vis-à-vis each aspect. Since each gua is associated with particular colors, color choice becomes significant.

Balancing the Five Elements (water, earth, fire, metal, wood) is important not just in feng shui but in Chinese medicine as well. Each of the elements is associated with particular colors, so color becomes crucial in achieving that balance.

For example, metal is associated with the color white.  Too much white in an environment creates a certain mental rigidity and lack of cooperation. Earth is associated with earth tones (duh!) like beige, sand, brown. Too much earth creates a feeling of heaviness, stolidity.  Five parts of the bagua are associated with particular elements, and the five elements are also associated with shapes and materials  – but now we’re getting too complicated for a simple FAQ answer.

Creating moods for each space. A room should have a particular focus and mood. Feng shui and color work hand in hand to set a happy stage. Chosen thoughtfully, paint colors make a space spring to life, and re-energize or calm everyone who passes through it.

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