Does your home express the real you?

Your home or workspace says a great deal about who you are, not just to visitors (who usually observe more clearly than you do) but to your subconscious self. At best, it reinforces and encourages your best self. At worst it can hogtie you to the past or make you feel like you’re in someone else’s home (your mother’s, a decorator’s, a college sophomore’s…).

A joyful space expresses who you are today. Your unique self or family. As one wag put it, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” A visitor would smile and want to get to know you better. People thrive in a joyful space.

An office for a (masculine) man??

Here’s an example of a room that is a total mismatch for the man whose home office it was. His wife liked floral wallpaper – black background with pink roses. A puffy satin valance was gathered here and there with pink ribbon.  And two walls were pink. As you can imagine he never felt comfortable in there. The photo was taken after he moved out… need we say more?

Contrast this with the room below, which totally expresses the personal style of the occupant (a designer who created the bedroom for himself and his partner). His style may be over the top for you or me, but we can see he loves it. In feng shui terms, his bedroom has “romance” written all over it; the pink highlights, the paired nightstands and the picture of two red flowers symbolize romantic partnership. It’s a joyful space.

Another man's happy love nest

If your home or workspace feels alien to you, email or call me at (360) 314-2467. I can help.

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