Does your exterior paint color fight with nature?

Don't paint your house mint green

A common color mistake homeowners make is choosing an exterior paint color they love (I look great in mint green, so my house surely will too!) without noticing their surroundings.

Most of us with detached homes live with trees, grass, shrubbery and so forth right adjacent to the house. Those shades of green and brown live harmoniously with many paint colors. Mint green isn’t one of them. Nor is baby blue.

Instead of candy-like pastel shades consider softer more grayed shades.

And while you’re at it, consider the colors your neighbors are using.  Don’t choose flamingo pink without  considering its impact on the neighborhood.

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2 Responses to Does your exterior paint color fight with nature?

  1. M. A. says:

    This is stupid. I love the mint color in this house, it is very joyful and fun. Who said that you MUST follow a certain rule when painting your house. So what if it doesn’t “harmonize” with nature? Harmony and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is like saying “I don’t like what you are wearing because it is not harmonious to my own predilections” or “I don’t like your sexual preferences because my religion says blah blah.” Not a very “joyful space”.

  2. Joiede says:

    Mint green can be joyful and fun. A mint green house might look great in the Bahamas, on the Florida Keys, in Malibu… but context is everything. This particular mint green house, in this particular corner of the Pacific Northwest, with the particular houses and greenery around it …. doesn’t look good.