Does your décor shout “LOOK AT ME!”

I’m all for homes that are colorful expressions of the owner’s personality. An interesting interior gives pleasure and comfort to those who live within, and makes a visitor feel welcome.

But then there are homes that shout “LOOK AT ME!!”  There’s too much of a good thing. Bright color! Crazy furniture! Wild art! Where do you look first?  The inhabitants are dwarfed; you barely notice their presence. Not good.


In all fairness, these photos are not homes, they’re demo sets for a home décor convention in Las Vegas, showing off Pantone’s “Color of the Year” In case you hadn’t guessed, for 2013 it’s Emerald. The high priestess of Pantone looks in her crystal ball and makes this annual declaration, and decorators jump (really…). You will see Emerald everywhere, mark my words.

I have nothing against Emerald. But this is too much. A single wall, maybe, but not with that LOOK AT ME mirror and the Emerald carpet plus the bold pillows. I’d prefer a soft gray wall and an Emerald sofa, and perhaps a green lamp base. Otherwise I need the eyeball equivalent of earplugs.

The demo set depicting last year’s Pantone color of the year, Tangerine Tango, has a similar problem. Love orange, but this is too much. Orange wall or orange dresser, but not both.

tangerine tango

If we’re going to jump on Pantone’s color bandwagon every year, it could get expensive, even though paint is cheap. Instead, why not just change out your towels? I much prefer the subtle use of last year’s Tangerine Tango as it is done in this bathroom. This year we could just replace the towels with green ones!

tango towelsHere’s more about the color of the year. And the Pantone website. 
If you need help making more livable color choices, and you’re in the Portland OR metro area, give me a call! 360-903-3659

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