DIY art = unique personality for your home

Big art is a wonderful thing. But what if you can’t afford to buy a big painting?

Sure, there are many other inexpensive options, however today we’re focusing on enjoying your own amateur efforts with a paintbrush.

This client hung a model sailboat over his mantel, but it looked lonely. The blank chimney behind the boat needed something fun behind it – like an ocean, some sky with puffy clouds and seagulls. Undeterred by his rudimentary art skills, he painted a colorful backdrop. Et voila! A large piece of original art that adds color and personality and  makes everyone smile!

Furthermore, feng shui-wise, having the water element over the fireplace helps to balance the fire element.

His wife, who has more skill with the paintbrush, decided not to let him have all the fun. She was tired of having the plants she placed left of the fireplace shrivel up for lack of light. Why not paint a plant that would need no care at all? So she traced (directly on the wall) the shadow of a plant she liked – and then painted in the leaves on the wall. Et voila!

Even if you lack the nerve to pick up a paintbrush, I bet your children or grandchildren would be happy to create something for you. With a matte and frame, it will look professional – and the child will be thrilled to see her creative efforts fully appreciated.

For example, here is a large drawing my daughter drew for a long ago mother’s day present. It’s a group of elves at the foot of a rainbow stirring up a pot of gold which they’ve just mined from the cave on the left. I framed it and hung it in the wealth corner of my studio to remind me of the the abundant riches I’m surrounded by – not the least of which are my children.

The best thing about all these pieces is that they are unique and very personal. They are what make a home feel like it is truly your own.

If you’ve already got some art you love, but you’re flummoxed by where and how to hang it so it helps to create the joyful space you deserve, call me. Have hammer, will travel. In the Portland-Vancouver metro area: 360-314-2467.

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