Curb appeal that invites passersby to stop

Poetry box

Poetry box

Walking in my new NW Portland neighborhood I marvel at how certain homes compel me to stop because what’s out front is so delightful. Today it was a beautiful hand-carved stand that held copies of the poem of the day, which passersby are invited to take.

Sometimes it’s a quirky front garden – this one sprouting defunct KitchenAid mixers, like colorful mushrooms. The homeowner is a baker.

Baker's Garden with Kitchen Aid Mixers

Baker’s Garden with Kitchen Aid Mixers

Or this one, with a giant drawing:

Callahan cartoon

Callahan cartoon

This owner chose to make a mosaic of river rock in his parking strip:

Parking strip mosaic - NW Portland

Parking strip mosaic – NW Portland

One simply must stop and enjoy…


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