Conduct a home audit

What does your house really look like? Trust me, many people are blind to what’s most familiar to them – their immediate surroundings.

Put on your special feng shui glasses and try this exercise to wake up to your house:
Imagine you were getting your house ready to sell… (or maybe the Queen is coming to visit).  Would you be proud to show people around?

For this exercise to work, assume a non-judgmental, neutral attitude. (For a super neutral truthful view, take photos as you go…) Then get yourself a pad of paper and a pencil and prepare to audit your home. Look for clutter, broken things, abandoned projects, misplaced objects, and the like. If you live with a partner or house-mate it would be good to do this together.

Begin at the front door and go through the house, room by room, making a list of these items – No shame, no blame: just the facts, ma’am. Start to the left of the door and make your way all the way around the room till you’ve done a complete circle, then move on to the next room.

If something just SCREAMS at you to be done that moment, don’t get distracted – just note it on a separate sheet, “Screamers” and come back to it after you’ve completed the audit.

Congratulate yourself for completing the audit and call it quits for the day. Tomorrow you can figure out what your priorities are and what steps need to be taken next.

If your home fails the home audit and you live in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, give me a call: 360-314-2467.

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