Color tips from a museum curator

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Vancouver WA, Portland ORThis weekend I went to see an exhibit of Impressionist paintings at the Portland Art Museum. At first my focus was on the art itself, then I began to notice the walls on which it was displayed. White walls were nowhere to be found.

Most rooms had two colors – subtle greyed tones of green (shown at left), blue, gray and brown.  The Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and modern rooms had no woodwork. The rooms of earlier styles used a low white wainscoting and white trim around the doors. I especially loved how the colors drew my eye from one room to the next… each room with its own mood:

Above: from wheat to brick to a hint of pale green in the farthest room

Below: from navy to pine green to pale blue in the farthest room.

Below: From medium copen blue to taupe.

Finding an inviting palette that shifts from room to room is my favorite thing to do when  I work on color schemes for my clients. If you’d like help creating your own palette and you live in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, give me a call: (360)-903-3659.

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