Color tips for the chromatically timid

Front door echoes lavender pathFrom a feng shui perspective, it’s very important that one’s environment be conscious, intentional and current. That includes freshening the paint from time to time – especially when you first move into a home.

One of my Seattle clients is just waking to the power of a conscious environment. She was shocked to realize that they’d moved their furniture into their ’70s house 13 years ago and done nothing else – kept the draperies left by the former owners (originals?), painted all the walls stark white and called it good.

Although she loves color it never even occurred to her to Mess with White.

In fact changing the wall color really intimidated her because so much of the house is on an open plan. This is a common issue, so here are some recommendations if you too are chromatically timid.

It’s all about baby steps.  Blue entry

1. Start with enlivening the front door. In feng shui a shade of red is preferred, as being most auspicious, but any inviting color you love usually works. My client chose purple (see above), to echo the lavender that lines the path. Such an improvement over battleship gray – the original shade!

2. Try a bold (bolder than white, anyway!) color on an end wall. Pick a color that brings out a tone in the art you plan to hang there.  My client loved her new front door so much she wanted to bring the happiness into the entry, so she painted one wall a favorite shade of blue, picking up the blues in her painting of umbrellas.

3. Spruce up the bathroom – picking up a tone from the tiles or contrasting it with some fluffy new towels. It’s a small room – have some fun!

turquoise and orange bathAs you begin to see and feel the amazing lift color can bring, your appetite for more of it will emerge, as it has for my client. But which ones?? A fan deck of paint colors has about 2000 colors on it – and that’s just a small sample of the options.

If you’d like a coordinated color plan for your entire space and would like some hand-holding in creating that, give me a call (360-314-2467). Color is my passion – and I hope will soon be yours.

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