Color inspiration from the garden

If you’re feeling stuck choosing a color palette for your home or business, look no further than nature. I carry my iPhone everywhere with me and find no end of inspiration right here in the gardens of my own neighborhood.

This fabulous cabbage was grown by my friend Kathi. If these subtle tones appealed to you I could pull a palette of color options for you which you could use for wall color, art accents, pillows, etc. Here’s a sample palette from this cabbage.

I won’t pull palettes from the rest of these images, but see if any inspire you. If not, get out there with your camera and shoot your own color inspirations. I’ll be only too delighted to help you work with them.

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Portland OR, Vancouver WA

I love the brown wood background of the clematis as much as I love the mauve blossom and pale green buds against it. The dark maroon stamens and the yellow-green center.

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Vancouver WA, Portland OR

How about a palette of many shades of green?

Joy Overstreet, color consultant, Portland OR, Vancouver WA

Yowza! This thistle rocks! Yes, I took the picture with my iPhone.

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