Color consultant consults herself about color

The walls in my dining area have been through many changes in the 16 months I’ve lived in this house. I think I’ve finally nailed it.

Here’s where we started – the stager had painted the main room a light khaki tan:

It’s a fine color, but it didn’t work well with my art, or the colors I chose for the kitchen. So I repainted the side walls a greyer shade of tan (taupe) and the end walls the warm burgundy I had loved in my last home.

It looked great until I sent the table, chairs and rug to my daughter and got new draperies. With no rug (yet), new reddish draperies, a new table and my daughter’s chairs which needed new seat covers, the slate was clean enough to reconsider the burgundy wall. It still looked great, but I was ready for a less formal look.

How about an interesting shade of blue? In my last house my kitchen walls were periwinkle blue, which I loved:

Still, I thought my dining area should be a little more sedate. Sherwin Williams’ “Distance” – a lovely grayed blue – looked great on the fan deck.  But before investing in a gallon and putting in the labor, I got a test quart and painted a flattened cardboard box the paint guys gave me.

Lovely as it was, “Distance” lacked sufficient life. Back to SW for another test quart, “Luxe Blue” – a darker, quieter periwinkle than my former kitchen. I painted it on the opposite side of the cardboard and held it up to the wall. It was a GO! I bought the gallon.

An afternoon’s worth of work (listening to happy music), and only ONE coat! (Sherwin Williams paint rocks!) I had transformed the dining area into a much cheerier space. I also loved how it looked next to the kitchen colors.




Next step is to reintroduce some of the burgundy in the chair seat covers… and/or maybe some of the soft chartreuse from the kitchen.  Do I need a rug? The process never ends…

If you’d like help choosing colors that make you smile, give me a call (360-903-3659). Have colors, will travel (Vancouver WA, Portland OR, San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley CA).



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