Change happens. Does your decor?

holiday flowersAll around town I see houses and yards lit up like, well, Christmas trees. It’s become something of a contest to see who can create the most garish display. (And don’t even get me started on how we’ve fallen for ginormous inflated pumpkins et al at Halloween… marketers have our number.)

I’m all for celebrating the changes in seasons – and I think we should (feng shui is all about change and keeping the energy flowing as change happens) – but we needn’t go overboard.

We can celebrate seasonal changes less extravagantly but perhaps more meaningfully if we do less, but more often. Spring, summer, autumn, winter – all have their beauty and their special moods. For that matter April is different from May is different from June.  You can honor these changes with simple flower arrangements, changes in couch pillows, napkins, sheets and towels, art on the walls, and of course eating foods that are in season.

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