Art on the walls – 6 rules to consider

Pictures too small, too spread out, no relation to furnishings

At 75% of my site visits I see major art problems.  If you’re going to hang art, let it work FOR you, not against you.  Some things to think about:

  1. Your art should bear some relationship to your current life and interests. Art that came from a home furnishings store or was bought for you by an interior designer looks generic and impersonal. Unless you use your space as a medical office, your art shouldn’t look like it belongs in one.
  2. If it’s a family inheritance, you should really like it – and you should have good feelings about the relative who gave it to you.
  3. It should fit the wall it’s hanging on.  Most common sin is art that is way too small. Make a statement – go BIG! Or if you only have small art, group several pieces closely, as if they were one large piece.
  4. Just because there’s a nail there, doesn’t mean it’s the best place to hang a picture. Don’t hang pictures too high. They should relate to the furniture below or beside them.
  5. Consider framing favorite drawings your child made – they add instant personality and lots of positive ch’i.
  6. If you must put family photos in the living room, don’t put out a flotilla. They just gather dust. One or two at a time, rotated at least monthly.

Art, properly chosen and displayed, should make you feel good every time you pass it.   If you’re feeling stuck with your art, give me a call: 360-314-2467.

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