About feng shui

Why is feng shui, the Chinese “art of placement,” still going strong after 3000+ years?

It thrives because this ancient body of wisdom works to create environments of harmony, comfort, balance and beauty and in turn such environments create harmony, comfort, balance and beauty within.  In today’s frantic materialistic world who doesn’t need more of that?

Feng shui is translated “wind” & “water”, describing the interlocking realms of spirit & matter, the unseen & the seen, ideas & stuff.

Feng shui is an ongoing process of becoming more conscious of our intimate connection with all that surrounds us – of our part in the interdependent web of all existence. Although it is not a religion, it’s a spiritual discipline we could practice for a lifetime.

The three most fundamental principles of feng shui are:
1. Everything is alive(not just at a molecular level, but also symbolically in the meanings we attach to our stuff)
2. Everything is changing(life is a continuous cycle)
3. Everything is connected (think pond ripples)

Taking these principles a step further, we understand that our environment, as a living thing, impacts us in ways that are both subtle and profound. A change in the environment changes us, for good or ill. And conversely, as we change, our environment can keep us stuck or help us move forward.

You don’t have to be a feng shui expert to feel the powerful effects of your environment – its energy or ch’i. You already know how some spaces (homes, rooms, gardens, offices, stores, buildings etc) make you feel good the moment you walk in, while others make you want to exit immediately.

Feng shui began in Asia as a way to find the most auspicious locations for buildings. However, true to the second principle (everything is changing) feng shui in 21st century America has evolved too. For example I wouldn’t suggest using red tassels, bamboo flutes or foo dogs as ch’i enhancements (unless you’re Chinese).

One feng shui issue is unique to modern America: clutter.The word clutter comes from “clotter” or “to coagulate.” (You see where we’re going with this?) When ch’i gets stuck in clutter, you’re stuck too. So the first order of business in many consultations involves dealing with clutter once and for all.

Then we get to the fun stuff:  balancing yin & yang (female and male energies) and the 5 elements (wood, water, earth, fire, metal), using the 8 parts of the bagua as affirmational anchors for different aspects of life (prosperity, health, partnership, creativity, etc). Furniture placement, art, and fresh color pull everything together to create a joyful space.

Feng shui concepts may seem esoteric, but when applied become a happy combination of good design, healthy psychology and common sense. I say, “It’s ALL feng shui.” (In fact if you follow my blog, you’ll see that every post is tagged as being about feng shui…)

Finally, feng shui is a process, not a destination. Even if one fine day you achieve the Perfect Space, time moves on and change happens. That’s good! It means you’re still alive!

If you’d like to transform your home, office, or retail shop into a joyful space, and you live in the Vancouver/Portland metro area, call me at (360) 903-3659.

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