About color

Next time you walk into a room that makes you feel good (dare I say a “joyful space”?) I’ll bet color is involved. You’ll see calming, energizing  or playful paint color on the walls, with additional splashes of color in the furniture and artwork.

Color impacts our mood, our energy level, our ability to concentrate, and our romantic impulses.  Unlike many other animals who use their body coloring to attract mates, hide from predators and send out other evolutionarily important signals, human beings must rely on externally-applied color – makeup, clothing, décor.

Joy Overstreet, Feng Shui color, Vancouver WAWe respond to the symbolic and energetic qualities of color, which is why feng shui practitioners have used it for thousands of years to juice up, tone down and balance various aspects of a person’s life.  Each of the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) is associated with a color range, as is each section of the bagua (above).

In a building color defines, separates and connects the different spaces.  As color shifts from room to room we feel drawn to explore the space (or not).  Our interest is piqued. We become more attentive.  Or we relax.

I totally LOVE working with color. It’s the frosting on the cake of my work. So many of my clients start out chromatically timid – wanting to stay with the safety of white, ivory and beige. When they see their homes or workspaces come to life with bolder colors they’re amazed and thrilled.

This aspect of my work just gives me the happy shivers.

If you’ve been longing for a more joyful space (home, office, retail shop), but count yourself among the chromatically timid, I can help. Email or call me at (360) 903-3659.

Color consultations take a minimum of 90 minutes ($150), but usually require about two and a half hours ($250) to come up with a color scheme that will make you happy for years. It’s a great investment!

I write frequently about color here on the blog – check it out.