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  1. Marcie Mayer says:

    Good morning Joy,
    In 1982 I had the transformative experience of attending a ThinWithin course that you taught in Palo Alto, California. I haven’t thought much about that seminar for a long time even though it obviously changed my entire relationship with food and made me into a life long mindful eater. I have recently begun writing the Red Tractor Farm book, a compilation of recipes, thoughts, ideas, and tips from what we have learned. As I write about food I suddenly realize that something certainly must be shared about how we eat, not just what we eat; hence my sudden remembrance of you and the amazing work you did in the founding of ThinWithin. I see that TW has become a Christian Diet Program and am only sorry that legions of non secularists will probably never have a chance to experience the intuitive eating you taught so well.
    I wish you strength and support during this difficult time, your mother seems like she was truly a woman of grace.
    So, I suppose this is more of a thank you note than anything else, from someone who’s life you had a profound positive effect on nearly 30 years ago.
    Best wishes,

    P.S. I too work with colour and design to create healing environments! I hope you have a few minutes to visit our site and get an idea of what we do here on Kea in Greece.

  2. Joiede says:

    Thanks so much for your sweet note, Marcie. I’m happy that you were able to make Thin Within a part of your life – to leave behind the battle with food and your body and instead befriend them. I too regret the Christian turn that the program took after I sold it to Judy. From time to time I think about writing the Thin Within book that represents my own (basically Buddhist) take on mindful eating, but as you can see I’ve moved on to other things. I will check your website!

    Best wishes and thanks for making my day,