2 qts. paint + 1 new shower curtain = Fun bathroom

Color consultant Joy Overstreet, Vancouver WA, Portland ORSince I moved into this house in February I’ve painted pretty much every room in colors I love. The main floor bathroom was in good shape, if bland, so I let it be… till yesterday.

“BORing!” I said to myself as I sat in the tub. Furthermore, in feng shui the room is in the Fame & Reputation part of my house – and if my reputation rests on skillful use of color this was a Fail. “MUST.PAINT.NOW.”

I lept from the tub, whipped out my fan deck from Miller Paint and chose two colors (Seal Blue – a grayed navy, and Citadel Blue – a blue-gray) to pull out colors from the art, rug and shower tiles. I plowed through rush hour traffic to get the paint, and spent several hours last night happily slathering it on the walls (pain in the butt to get around all those pipes under the sink…).

color consulting, Joyful Spaces, Vancouver WA, Portland ORSecond coat on the wainscoting this morning to cover the white that wanted to peek thru the navy. Painted a wooden stool the Seal Blue to blend in, and bought a cheery shower curtain at Target.

For about $40 I have a joyful new bathroom.

I bought this rug at Crate and Barrel ten years ago for $24. A steal for the pleasure it gives me. One of the blessings of a colorful rug is that you can choose a variety of colors to bring out in wall color. A previous bathroom used the pumpkin tone.

Here are the “befores”. The white wainscoting was way too virginal – and two lonely red towels hardly provide enough of the Fire element associated with the Fame & Reputation gua.

Bathrooom beforewhite wainscoting

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