15 Minutes

If you picked one of these tasks every day and just spent 15 minutes on it you’d be ASTONISHED at what you can accomplish towards making your living or work space more functional, conscious and joyful.

Think of it as the swiss cheese effect. Every day you poke more holes in the wedge and pretty soon it’s gone.

Here are some 15 minute tasks to get you started (you may need several 15 minute rounds on some of them, but keep at it!):

Pick a room and take some “Before” photos.
You know how that perfect snapshot of your child somehow includes a tree sprouting from his head? You never saw it because you were so focused on his face. Ditto with the stuff in your home or office. But the camera sees. Pick a room and take pictures from every angle, then print them as 5 x 7s.  You’ll begin to see what I see when I come for a consultation. Awareness is the first step!

If it IS broke, fix it.
Taking one room at a time, make a survey of those things that are broken, dull, annoying, inconvenient. Your options then: fix it, toss it, replace it with something of better quality.

Educate your eye.
Many of the leading paint companies have upgraded their websites to inspire and educate their customers. If you’d like to see how a different a room can look and feel by simply altering the color on the walls, one of my favorites for ease of use is Glidden. Yolo Colorhouse, a local Portland “green” paint provider, also has some interesting palettes to play with. Poke around, see what’s hot and “paint” some sample rooms for yourself. And of course when you’re out and about, pop into a paint store and leaf through their colorful brochures for additional ideas.

Finally, call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation:  360-903-3659
I’d love to find out how I can help you create your own joyful space. (You may also contact me by email.)

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